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Shatta Wale Releases Video Tape of Himself and A Friend Receiving Bl.ow J.ob From A Slay Queen

Shatta Wale is a very big role model to many especially the ghetto youth. Offlate, he has been exhibiting certain behavior that indicates he does not care much about the brand or image the society is looking up to.

The other time, it was about him kissing one old woman in public and now there’s a new video of him being given a Bl.ow J.ob right in his home.

All these gained grounds ever since Shatta Michy left Shatta Wale. He had since then been changing women day in day out like changing a car’s brake fluid.

The dancehall artiste is enjoying himself and in a new video, he posted on Snapchat, a girl who could best pass out as a prostitute is seen giving him and a friend of his a Bl.ow J.ob.

Shatta Wale minutes after realizing he messed up by posting such a video on Snapchat, deleted it but it had already been captured by the internet – The internet never forgets.

It is unclear who the other partner-in-crime was, but suggestions by people say it’s his close friend Pope Skinny whiles others believe its Duke of D2 music group. The lady in the video has a pierced nose and is fair in complexion.

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Shatta Wale’s voice is heard in the background, excited about the pleasure he’s receiving and is heard saying; “Oh I like this one, oh yeah”

Not that we are moral gods and we don’t do any of that, but for a musician of his caliber, one who is a role model to many and also brand ambassador to several companies, one wouldn’t expect him to share something like that to the public.

The video is just bad and we are soo much disappointed in him once more.

Watch Shatta Wale Releases Bl.ow J.ob Video of Himself and A Friend



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