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How The Se.x tape of Ayisha and 3 Adisadel Boys Got Leaked…. [Full Story]

The current trending viral video of Ayisha which is still circulating over the internet and how it was released is so pathetic. (Don’t date just any guys).  The young girl, Ayisha is said to be a graduate of the St Louis SHS in Kumasi.

Latest developing information we gathered indicates that Ayisha was blackmailed. It further gives details about how the video was leaked. The details indicate that the video was released by one of the participants in the video.

In the report, it was indicated that the latest video featured a young lady and three other young guys who took turns on her.

The young lady, only identified as Ayisha is said to be a very popular girl on Snapchat and she is a graduate of the St. Louis SHS in Kumasi.

Most recent emerging information has revealed how the young lady’s video came into the public domain.

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According to, the video is actually about a year old. The girl had gone to her then boyfriend’s house and they were doing their own thing when a friend of her boyfriend came in and her boyfriend asked him to join them.

Another friend came in and he started recording the scene and after he had his share of the pie. He decided to keep the video and each time he got in the mood, he would call the girl and threaten her to allow him to do it else he would leak the video.

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Citing a close source to the lady, the report stated the guy had been using the obscene video as a bait to have his way with her for the past year and was even blackmailing for money at some points.

In his latest attempt to have his way, the young lady told him she and just as he had threatened, he leaked the video to the girl’s mother first.

While we cannot independently verify this story of how the video came about, it is worthy to note that the young lady at the center of it all has reportedly stated that she knew nothing about the video until her mother sent it to her.

“Everyone is just insulting me, it’s not like I knew about the video, I didn’t even know. It was even my mom who sent it to me and everyone is just saying crap to me. I don’t even know what to do again,” Ayisha was heard saying in an audio making rounds.

This may give some credence to this whole story of how the th.ree some video of Ayisha Gulaila got leaked.

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