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Men Tell Why They Watch Other Women Backside (Ass)

Men Tell Why They Watch Other Women Backside | Many men usally get tempted and in most casses watches the ass of other women they come across on the streets even if they are walking with theirs.

Kofi TV interviews a couple of people, both males and females on live camera to express their opinion about the act. Almost all of them admitted they watch other ladies ass and below is why.

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One of the interviewees said he watches it because he likes big ass and when he comes across one, he can’t resist but watch to please his eyes.

Another persons opinion was that “big ass” is God’s creation and that it has been told that we should admire God’s creation and so that is exactly what he’s practicing.

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A woman was ask about her opinion too. How does she feel when her partner watches another woman’s ass? “I don’t really bother because these days you can’t take everything of your spouse (boyfriend/husband) personal, you might end up dying and he’ll find another woman even at your funeral. I don’t really worry about that”, she said.

We can continue and continue to the very last of them but see it for yourself in the video below by Kofi TV. Don’t forget to subscribe, share and like the video.

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Video: Men Tell Why They Watch Big Ass!

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