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Ghana Police Assaults Sports Journalist Because “He’s Nobody”

Ghana Police Assaults Sports Journalist Because “He’s Nobody” | There has been this disturbing video of oe sports journalist been forcefully arrested and assaulted.

This sports journalist is known in real life as Kwabena Afriye Obeng. He is popular known in Kumasi as OBTrice and works with Kumasi-based radio station “Nhyira FM”.

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He was physically assaulted and verbally abused by a couple of police officers. These officers haven’t provided any particular reason for his arrest.

OB Trice, the multi-award winning sports analyst is heard in the video asking the police officer “what have I done?”. He was cut short by one of the police officers saying “because you are nobody”.

Watch Video: Polices Assaults Top Sports Analyst Because “He is Nobody”

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This year has recorded a lot of police brutalities and some of these brutalities have caused many people their lives whiles leaving others severely injured.

Shortly after this video was posted, many social media users started questioning the duty of the Ghana Police Officers.

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Whiles others are in doubts about “what they are taught” and “how they are trained”, another group of commentators are asking if it is a crime to be “Nobody”.

Assaulting any one under the 1992contitiution of Ghana is a punishable crime irrespective of whether the victim is a “somebody” or a “nobody”. It is against their fundamental Human Rights.

Ghana Police Assaults Sports Journalist

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