VIDEO: Inside Mr P's Million Dollar Mansion

Ever wondered what's inside Mr P’s house? MTV Base VJ, Ehiz and Folu Storms will be taking viewers on a thrilling ride into the life of Mr P in a new programme called ‘Celeb Living’. The new programme will show what it’s really like to live like a celebrity.

Many people think the celebrities have their lives all figured out and sometimes wonder if they face random problems just as normal people do. 

Folu Storms interrogates Mr. P as they explore parts of the mansion, most especially the interior. Mr. P gave out the answer to almost all the questions that were shot at him.

Mr.P takes Folu Storms around the house whiles they talk about the interior designs and his collections. He also mentioned that he is a very big fan of Michael Jackson, the late pop singer.

When he got to him the part of the mansion which holds his studio, he referred to it as the real kitchen. He makes a surprise revelation by introducing his newly signed artiste "Singer" and sound engineer "Die Hard" who were already in the studio.

There are a whole lot of stuffs you would know about Mr P after watching this video. He even showed how good he was at playing the guitar and bet he could play the musical instrument behind his back which he actually did.