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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 8

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 8 | I woke up the next day so tired, I managed to stand up and head downstairs. Breakfast was already waiting for me. Mark, his sisters and Jane were already seated, I served my food and sat beside Christine, I notice Hannah was not concentrating as she had this “what’s between you two” look.

Actually, It was not my concern so I decided to snub her, she suddenly dropped the spoon and walked out. I decided to follow her, I met her outside standing.
Me: What’s up, why you not eating?
Hannah: Why did you care
She angrily walked out of my sight
I later had my bath, clad in a white short sleeve shirt and a jean. I lied to Christine I was going to Val house. I got to one flat as described in the address she sent me, I decided to call her.
Me: Can you come out, please

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She then comes out and ushered me in, she was wearing a short knicker which revealed her bum bum. I sat down on the couch in the sitting room, she served me a chilled yoghurt drink. She brought out A1 textbook with oxford 8th edition dictionary.

She sat beside me and started the lesson, I love how she teaches, I so much understand what she taught me though I never realise we are holding hands all this while. She withdrew her hand and gave me an exercise which I answered correctly. About 4hrs later of gisting, I decided to bid her farewell.

Corper Zina: You are so fun to play with, I’ll miss you.
Me: I will come here sometimes
Did she just said she will miss me?… I don’t want to believe its what am thinking. I got home in the evening, Christine and Hannah were already prepared for choir rehearsal, I decided to follow them.

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Me: Won’t it be cool if we go together?
Christine: Of course *she smiled*
Hannah hissed and walked away. The rehearsal was cool as it went well. I saw Joshua, and Christine talking at the back of the church, I don’t know why but I was jealous. I turned back to see Doro
Me: Dorothy how you?
Doro: *she hugged me* am good, I’ve missed you.
Christine: Jason, its time *she walked away*
Doro: what’s wrong with that girl sef. Are you two dating?
Me: No, just my friend

I disengaged, bade her farewell and followed Christine. She never speaks to me in the car and I know the reason. We got home and went to our various room. I la!d on my bed, I found myself thinking about Christine” I am in love with this girl” I said to myself. I tried to sleep but all my effort fails then I went downstairs to drink my chilled yoghurt coz it always makes me sleep. Walking closer to the sitting room, I heard a soft m0an. I tiptoed to a corner beside the stairs, what is this am seeing. Mark and who? Mark and Janet, he was f—–g her hard. I quickly ran back inside, I was so angry, Mark that my sister cares for, this Mark is really stupid.

I was still thinking about that when my phone led blinked indicating unread message. I unlocked it to see christine message
Christine: how many girls are you dating?
Me: None
Christine: shut up, you thought I didn’t saw you hugging dorothy?
Me: She hugged me
Christine: What about my sister hannah? She told me you two were dating
Me: What? Hannah? I swear we are not
Christine: she even told me you’ve f—-d her five times.
Me: yeeeeh, that’s a lie, f—-d her? And you won’t know?
Christine: Then how did she know you had a long d–k?

I don’t understand either. Its all the truth, I haven’t f—-d her but how did she know?.

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 8

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