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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 7

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 7 | I was so surprised when I heard “don’t do that again” from my dad and he dropped I and Val without punishing me, he went his way while I also went my way. Nothing happens between me and the girls throughout the week but my friend relationship with Zainab has turned to something else as she sends me her nude pic every night which gives me hard on.

On Friday’s night, I noticed they all in their room so I went downstairs just to catch know. I sat down on the couch,biscuit and a lemon drink on the table. I checked the time 11:17pm. “Hope you don’t mind if I join you” I turned back to see Christine.

She wore a very short skirt, I can see her pant, a short top which merely covered her boobs, I know I can’t escape this. Her big boobs are already killing me. She sat beside me, I guess she notices my hard on coz she smiled. I pretended to be chatting but I wasn’t concentrating. Suddenly I felt a soft lip on my lip, I hurriedly kissed it back not interested to know the lips owner.

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Don’t blame me I was so h—y, I grabbed her soft boobs and began squeezing them”, what a boob” I said to myself. I placed my hand on her lap, I located for her pant and pull it aside, I withdrew my tongue and pulldown my short knicker, I placed my d–k in the entrance and was about to enter when I heard “am a virgin” from Christine.

Virgin my foot, I rubbed her [email protected] with my palm and was about travelling to Shaolin temple when we heard a knock on the door. “Oh God, who the hell is this” I murmured.

We cleaned our sweats and clear the traces. I sat down on the couch pretending to be watching films while she ran to open the d–n door. I heard her shout and hugged the person that knocks the door. Oh, it was Mark, he entered with Canadian swags. He walked towards me while I stand up.

Mark: How far bro
Me: Am fine u?
Mark: Am fine
Me: where are you coming from now?
Mark: Oh, just arrived from Canada today and I decided to visit my friends that’s why am late.
Me: Oh I don’t know you travelled to Canada before, my sis sends her greetings. **The truth is I knew but the fear of him noticing what I was doing with his sister made me spit rubbish**
Mark: why will she do that when we do talk for almost 5hrs a day
*Is my sister in love with this guy, there is one way to find out.*

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Me: please can I borrow your phone for a min?
Mark: no problem *he gave me his phone and went upstairs with christine*

I started checking his gallery, I found my sister and this guy kissing. I was so angry coz am sure he would have f—-d my innocent sister. To know that I checked their conversation in Whatsapp, chaiii..he said he would like to hold my sister’s b—-t while she replied with “I can’t wait to su-ck your d–k”..*chaaiii* I nearly shouted. I knew the guy doesn’t love her, I don’t want my sister hurt…

He later came back but not with Christine. We sat on the couch gisting…
Mark: U think say ano know?
Me: Know what?
Mark: You about to bleep my sister when I came in, I heard her m0an!ng loudly, I guess that’s her first time.
Me: but I didn’t
Mark: But you were about to. It seems Christine likes you a lot coz I have never seen her with a guy.

I decided to not tell him about his conversation with my sister
My phone beeped, it’s a WhatsApp message. It says”don’t be late tomorrow” from Corper Zina

I bid Mark goodnight and I retired to my room and immediately drifted to wonderland not after sex chatting with Christine….. | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 7

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 7

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