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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 4

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 4 | I was so shocked when I saw Hannah wearing a skimpy skirt. She and her sister sat on the couch, now their eyes are fixed on me. Hannah stands up and hugged me, her boobs always turn me on. She called a name twice “jane jane” she then collected my backpack with no response and led the way.

I just kept staring at her tools like figure 8 as it was bouncing up and down though I didn’t let her notice. She led me to my room, wow, was well prepared and furnished, I even have plasma tv in my room. She dropped my backpack and sat on my bed not giving me a chance to change my cloth. When I waited for like 2minutes and she still stays, then I decided to tell her.

Me: Errm Hannah, I wanna change my cloth
Hannah: Then why are you telling me?
Me: Won’t you excuse me?

Hannah: What are you keeping from me?
she stands up looking at me in a lustful way, she walks towards me, she held my belt and pulled me closer to her, I was having a full view of her white boobs. Thank God her sister called her.

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“Hannah Hannah Hannah” Joyce is looking for you. She then leaves not after winking at me.”I don enter trouble, is this the kind of lesson I will be learning here in pastor’s house?” I murmured.

I changed to a knicker, a black top and I went downstairs. I saw three girls, them so hot sitting on the couch. I holla and I sat down with Joyce. Oh, Joyce, Joyce is the most brilliant student in my class though I don’t how I always got the first position while she always came second. She was beautiful not extremely and she has small round a-s and medium boobs. She once told me she loves me and we should be dating which I gladly refusE because I thought she was too small then.

Joyce: I heard you will be living here now.
Me: Sure,my father sent me here because I was so troublesome
They all laughed.

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“Janet” christine called,oh i love her voice. She kept stealing glances at me which I pretended not see. Jane enter,oh boy,this girl was so much more pretty even more than my sis. She looked cool,so nice,am I falling for her already?.she had small a-s and hannah like boobs but I just like her.
Christine: This is our new visitor and will be staying here for a while,his name is jason.

“Hi” I waved. “Hello” her angelic voice nearly killed me. I found myself staring at her innocent face but to my surprise, she also stared back and later faced down *guess she was shy*.
Christine: She is Janet, my cousin. She finished her secondary school recently and came here to spend her holiday.

Me: Nice to meet you miss jane
She just kept smiling,I can kill for her smile.
Later joyce left for her house and I also retired to my room as I don’t sleep all night. I was asleep when I heard a soft knock on my door,I quickly wake up and head for the door,I opened it to see my one and only angel janet.
Janet: Lunch is ready
Me: oh am coming
Janet: Should I wait?

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Me: That will be great
She laughs, I took my phone and we went downstairs, I feel like kissing her hot pink lips.
Me: I have slept for long? Where are Christine and Hannah

Janet: Sure about 4hrs now, they went to church choir practice
We sat on the dining chair facing each other. I kept staring and not concentrating on my food.

Janet: Eat your food and stop staring, what you staring at?
Me: You want the truth?
Janet: what’s the truth?
Me: you are so beautiful * I laughed*. Just saying
Janet: You are not bad either.just saying
We both laughed out loud
Janet: can I borrow your phone?

I gave her and she gave me back about 3minutes later.

I later finished my food and went back to my room. I la!d on my bed to chat, I switched on the data connection and saw many messages on WhatsApp but one from an unknown number says “Save my number, its Janet”……..oh boy *winks* | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 4

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 4

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