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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 3

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 3 | I watched the p–n till I found myself f—–g my bed. I can’t sleep the whole night, I don’t want to live with those girls especially that Hannah, a pastor’s daughter for that matter. I checked the time, it was 6:45 am. I tried to catch some sleep which I later did and was woken up by my dad just after 20minutes, I felt like cursing him.

My dad: Wake up Jason
Me: Goodmorning sir
My dad: How was your night?
Me: fine sir, yours?

My dad: Fine. When you are ready to move out, call the driver, he will help with your luggage and at the same time drive you there, okay?

Jason: okay sir
He left for his office
My phone ringtone pierced through my hear. I checked the caller “val”. I picked it.

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Val: Guy how far na
Me: I dey jarwe padi
Val: You dey house?
Me: Guy I don enter am oo.
Val: Weytin happen na
*I explained*

Val: I wish to say na me dey your position na na, all those girls na, Hannah and Christine. Chaaiii I trust myself.

Me: Abegii oo, you know me I be gentle boy. Yo…..(Hang up) I guess his phone has died. Its blackberry na.

I dropped my tecno phantom 5 on the bed and head for the bathroom. Not long I finished bathing but to my surprise, I had 15missed calls which I have never had. I checked it “11= Hannah, 2= Val, 1= christine” I hissed and dropped it back on the bed.
“Jason Jason, am gone” mum shouted
“Okay ma” I shouted back

“Jason jason, am gone” mum shouted
Owkay ma” I shouted back

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I clothed in my new white short sleeve top and a blue jean with my Nike yeezy shoe. I checked the time “8:15”. I decided to cook and eat my breakfast. I took out my ijapa tiroko oko yannibo book and read it a little.

My phone restless led blinking made me checked my inbox then I was shocked when I see “where you at? Am really waiting, surprise I won’t wear my pant because of you today” from Hannah. I was like… I don die.

I was still thinking about the meaning of the message when Corper Zina called me.
Me: Hello ma

Corper: Jason fine boy, how was your nigHt?
Me: Very fine ma
Corper Zina: I thought you told me you wanted to know about the summary?
Me: yes ma, I did
Corper zina: Can you come over, to my house I mean

Me: I don’t know there ma
Corper Zina: I’ll send you the address
Me: Okay ma but I won’t be coming today, will be there next week Saturday.
Corper Zina: Okay no problem, bye take care (hang up)

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I called the driver, its time to mingle with troubles” I said loudly smiling. We spent about 1hr on the road, their house was very far indeed. We got to one very big house, painted white and yellow, the duplex of course. We are about to enter when my sister called me. “I have missed her soo much, she travelled abroad last month and sometimes heard from her” her name is Esther, my sister eh, she was so beautiful, she is no different from white people. What I love most about her is her long hair.

Me: Sis
Sister: You are angry right? Am sorry I don’t call you all these days
Me: No problem**I explained my present situation for her**

All she had to say is ask for mark,I have been suspecting my sister and that mark. I go smash his head If i see him with my sis.

I alighted from the car, I saw pastor Donald with his laptop placed on his lap and a soft drink with bible on a small table beside him. I greeted and ask for the way in which he showed me but not after all this preaching and advices. I later made my way inside. Although……….

Miss Christine and miss Hannah are gladly waiting for me. | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 3.

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 3

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