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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 19

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 19 | We got home late in the night, Hannah was pacing around the sitting with her phone in her hand.

Me: Are you waiting for us?
Hannah: I was wondering where you took my sister to, don’t tell me you two…. (She winks)
Christine: Naughty girl, shut up joor *she smiled while I laughed*
Christine grabbed my hand and we went to my room….we sat on the bed,she still holding my hand **make she forget, I am not bleeping again o**

Me: There is something I want to tell you but you won’t believe if you don’t find out yourself…
Christine: What is that?
I was about talking when my phone beeped message says **can you please meet me in my room?** from Janet. I showed Christine and we went together…Janet was only wearing her nightgown, she sat on her bed crying…

Me: Janet
Christine: What happened?
Me: Janet I think we will have to let her know…
Janet: Okay

Me: You explained she won’t believe me
Janet: **she explained everything**
Christine: You mean that’s why I saw you two in jason’s room?
Janet: yes

Christine: Are you for real? I just don’t *stammering* mark is raping you?
Janet: Yes, and I told Jason the truth, am just a no cousin. Jason, I have done it *referring to me*
Me: Done what?

Janet: I have aborted the pregnancy, the doctor said I can never conceive again *she burst into tears*
Christine: I’ll make sure mark pay for this,
She stood up in anger and I held her back
Me: You shouldn’t rush…

Hannah stormed in,
Hannah: I have been eavesdropping, my brother raped you and he also made you abort your pregnancy?

Janet: Yes
Hannah: Is he out of his mind?…*sighed* look janet, I am very sorry….

Christine: We should report to the police
Me: you will report your own brother?
Hannah: We were born by same mother but different father

Janet: What did you mean?
Christine: mum first husband which died of a heart attack is Mark’s father and mum died last year of cancer. Mark is now an orphan, I guess that’s why he is turned to a monster.
Me: How do we report to the police without any evidence?

Hannah: That’s true

Christine: I guess I have an idea but don’t know if Janet will be okay with it.

Janet: let’s hear.

Christine: If he know you have aborted the pregnancy he will come demanding for sex, then you will set a camera wh….(I cut in)
Me: We should find better solution..

Janet: No,,I’ll do it….Let’s follow christine’s plan…

Me: Okay no problem
We decided to carry out our plan on Monday and today is Saturday, only a day left. We later left Janet alone to rest, Hannah went to her room, Christine followed me to my room. I changed to my night wear and sat on my bed with Christine.

Me: You don’t need to apologize for what you don’t know, it’s okay…
Christine: How did you I want to apologize?
Me: Don’t doubt me, I knew everything about you ** I stared at my phone like I don’t mean what am saying**

Christine: Everything about me? Okay, what did I love to do the most?
Me: Love to read, watch films and play…
Christine: *laughs* you are so wrong, what I love to do….**shifted closer to me** I love to kiss your lips…

We engage in a kiss that I wish it lasted forever. I found my self la!d on the bed and Christine on top me still kissing me. I woke up the next day, but Christine was not in the room anymore, I guess she went to the kitchen.

I went downstairs, enter the kitchen, she was backing me so I tiptoed and hugged her from the back, we stayed like that for almost 3 minutes and we disengaged when we heard someone clearing throats, I turned to see Josh. I was so scared, He is gonna kill me, but why is he smiling?

Me: Josh
Josh: You two will make a nice couple **clears throat again**…where is Hannah?
Christine: Upstairs

What? Josh and Hannah are dating?….my phone beeped, who is this gan early in the morning when am having a nice time with my love…I hissed and check the message it says….”Dorothy has regained consciousness, she is been discharged” from Mike. wow that’s good news | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 19

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 19

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