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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 18

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 18 | On getting home, Mark, Hannah, and Christine were in the sitting room watching a film, I greet them and rushed in not asking about Janet, I quickly dialed her number and she picked it immediately.
Me: Dorothy, I want to understand your message
Dorothy: I think I should tell you the truth
Me: Am all hears
Dorothy: Mike is responsible for the pregnancy
Me: Which Mike?

Dorothy: My brother, we have sex almost every day and that started since our childhood, we do sleep same room together, one day he told me to hold his d–k, that’s how it started, you are not the one that deflowered me and you are not responsible for the pregnancy.

I really love you and always think about you every day but look at me now, I can’t have you again, about the marriage I’ll tell my father I can’t marry you **she sobbed**. So Jason please be well, I can’t forget you even in my death. Goodbye, forever Jason.

Me: Dorothy!!!!! I shouted…*a knock landed on my door*…”Its Christine”
“This is a great opportunity,” I thought to myself. Christine entered and she closed the door.

Christine: I heard you shouting Dorothy, what’s happening?
Me: That….*i explained everything*
Christine: So you have bleeped that girl?
Me: Am not wise enough then…
Christine: Doesn’t matter **she made to leave but I held her back**

Me: Christine,,I just can’t stop thinking about you,,I can’t afford to lose you christine,,I knew we are not dating,,its my fault and am willing to do the thing in the right way**i knelt down** christine will you be my girlfriend?

I can see the joy and suprise in her face
Christine: Don’t know what to say **she hugged me tight**
Me: Is that a YES?

Christine: Yes!!!!….am sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you but mark told me to do that to know if you truly love me….am so happy.
We sat on the bed gisting and laughing when my phone rang, ”Dorothy again?”
Me: Dorothy
Dorothy: Its mike not Dorothy
Me: Mike?

Mike: what have you done to my sister?..she has poisoned herself and has been rushed to hospital…

Mike: I’ll send you the address now…
*hang up*
Christine: what happened
Me: Christine,,dorothy has poisoned herself
Christine: Whaaaat?

Me: she has been rushed to hospital,we should go there now…

We rushed to the hospital which Dorothy is being treated, the nurse told us she was in ward 6 receiving treatment, we enter ward six to see Dorothy on the bed la!d helplessly and mike roaming around in the ward, Mike quickly grabbed my shirt immediately he saw me….

Mike: You fool, what have you done to her or I’ll kill you

Me: *so angry* shut the hell up, are you worried about her or you worried about your secret being reveal, what kind of brother are you, leave me alone ** I removed his hand and pushed him away**

“Jason is that you” Dorothy?
Christine: Dorothy…dorothy why did you do this?
Dorothy: *smile* how can I bear a child for my own blood brother,,**tears rolled down her cheek**, Christine you lucky to have him, and you mike I regret to have a bro.. (Gasping for breath) her like you
She stopped breathing”, doctor, doctor, doctor” I shouted

Doctor: You all have to get out, move her to the lab, we have to operate her now **referring to the nurses**

The doctor came back after 40minutes… we all rushed to meet him… I was so scared, Dorothy can’t die, I’ll have Mike killed today I swear…

Doctor: We really tried our best but she loses the pregnancy.
Me: What about Dorothy?

Doctor: We have flushed away the poison, she is now okay.
Christine: Can we see her?
Doctor: Not now, she is resting, you will have to come back tomorrow.
Me: Okay
Mike: sorry, you kn… (cut in)
Me: shut up, what if she is dead
I hissed and grabbed Christine’s hands… “We should go now and come back tomorrow,” I said…..We left the hospital, there was a thought running through my mind… it Dorothy that poisoned herself or mark poisoned her?….I’ll have to find out… | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 18

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 18

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