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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 16

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 16 | Later in the noon, I was in my room still thinking about Dorothy’s stuff, its so bad for me as I would become father at this age, my dad is gonna kill me and losing Christine will be the most painful thing ever to happen to me,, My phone started ringing which I just ignored.

I later checked the caller after three times of calling “unknown caller”, I hissed and picked it, following conversations ensued:
Caller: Hi love
Me: Who are you please?
Caller: Eva
When did I turn her love?, I shouldn’t have lied to her. another problem
Me: Oh, how are you Eva?
Eva: Am good, you?
Me: Am good
Eva: You are not in school today, hope there is no problem?
Me: No problem,,just resting
Eva: About what you told me the other time **not talking, guess she was shy or blushing**
Me: About that?

Eva: I also love you and I don’t think I can stop loving you, blah, blah, blah
After 30 minutes of calling, I decided to visit Janet and tell her all about this, wait, where is Christine and Mark?. I have to go to Christine’s room, I was about knocking when I heard them talking my matter, I had to eavesdrop
Mark: You can’t love him, Christine am your brother, I know what’s best for you.

Christine: No you don’t, and besides this is my life, not yours.
Mark: Am just pretending to like him, he is not the guy for you.

Christine: And his sister, is she the right woman for you
Mark: She is just…….
“Hey” I turned back to see janet….
Me: Sshhh *telling her to keep quite*

I dragged her by hand and we went to her room, I narrated everything to her even the one I just heard…

Janet: I hate that Mark so much, I don’t think he loved your sister, warn her to be careful of that crazy guy and about the girl Dorothy, she might be lying but you just go tomorrow first…

Me: okay, hope Mark is no more disturbing you?
Janet: Am pregnant for him, Jason
**facing down, tears forming in her eyes**
Me: What?
Janet: Yes but he told me I must abort it and even gave me 20k for the abortion….
Me: What are you going to do now?
Janet: I’ll abort it, am left with no choice
Me: Abortion?
Janet: Yes,**crying**
I held her hand and just calm her down, I later retired to my room, I saw 6 missed calls, 4 from Eva, 2 from mum, I called mum back
Me: My sweet mother
Mum: Naughty boy, how is everything?
Me: Good ma
Mum: I want to tell you this, it seems you are not a child anymore. Your father has given you a wife since your childhood, and he will want you to marry her, though I am not supporting this, I told him to let you choose yourself but he insisted you marry his friend’s daughter…
Me: Which among his friends?
Mum: Doctor Sam
Me: Dorothy?

Mum: Yes, her father would have told her, guess that’s why she always acts like that around you in the church.
Me: I can’t marry her mum, I don’t love her.
Mum: You have somebody you love?
Me: Yes mum, I’ll tell you at the right time
Mum: that’s my boy, I’ll talk to your dad about that.
Me: Thanks, mum. **hang up**

I saw Corper Zina’s message on WhatsApp says:
“Why is it that when you are not in school Christine will also fail to come to school? Come to my house tomorrow and explain yourself”.
Weytin concern this woman na” I said loudly…tomorrow is Saturday, I really hate Saturday, should I go to Dorothy’s house or Corper Zina’s house?

If I didn’t go to Corper Zina’s house she might punish me or might be thinking I deliberately embarrass her, and if I don’t go to Dorothy’s house I won’t get to know if she is really pregnant and there might be no more opportunity to see her……what should I do?… I hate this kind of situation. | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 16

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 16

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