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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 15

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 15 | I got home and went straight to my room, oh I had to call my sister…she picked it immediately.
Me: Sister…
Sister: Bro, how are you doing?
Me: Am fine, why don’t you tell me?
Sister: Mum has told you I’ll be home next week Thursday?, am sorry I want it to be a surprise.
Me: You are coming home? Woow..but that’s not what I mean, why don’t you tell me you and uncle mark are dating?
Sister: How did you find out?
Me: Sister, I don’t trust him, you have to be more careful
Sister: Why are you saying all this?
Me: Just be careful sister…love you.. *hang up*

Am happy I’ll finally get see my sister beautiful face,,but she and mark will surely meet and that guy will do anything in his power to f–k her,,I should just tell my sister to postpone her arrival phone beeped “I can’t sleep,,let’s chat” from Corper zina..
Following conversations ensued:
Me: Are you ill?
Corper Zina: No, just thinking about someone
Me: who? Your fiancee? *wink*
Corper Zina: Lol, I gat none
Me: No, boyfriend?
Corper Zina: Yes
Me: Then who are you thinking of, a girl? **no tell me say you be l£sb!an-::4 my mind**
Corper Zina: How will I be thinking about a girl, a boy of course, very handsome and fun to be with but I don’t think it can work between us
Me: Why?
Corper Zina: Age barrier of course
Me: The one you are loving is so younger than you? Who is he?
Corper Zina: you are…….

I saw Christine’s message, says: “I don’t know what’s happening to me”… I quickly rushed to her room leaving my phone behind, she wasn’t in the room.

Me: Christine
Christine: In the bathroom
I rushed to the bathroom, she was vomiting. yeah am dead,
Me: What happened?
Christine: I don’t know, how about doing the test at the hospital tomorrow
Me: Test?..yeah that will be cool *fake a smile*
I stayed with her, I can’t sleep, I was just praying, it must not be the cause or symptoms of pregnancy, how I go turn father at this age, God, help me oo…should I tell Val about it? no, I shouldn’t…

I woke up early the next day and went to my room, oh Corper Zina messages that I left unread, I click on WhatsApp icon in the apps menu, I checked the messages they are:
“You are curious?”
“He is in ss2?”
“Are you sleeping”

What? Corper Zina’s crush was in ss2?, ”this girl no get brain” I said hissing, I quickly went to the bathroom and have my bath, I claded in a black top and blue jean with my sandal, I went downstairs, Christine was already waiting for me. Oh God, she was so beautiful, we went to a private hospital, Christine has been diagnosed, we are now waiting for the result, I can’t wait to hear the result Doctor later called us to his office.

Doctor: Madam
Christine: what’s the result?
I have already wet my pant, oh you can’t be pregnant Christine.
Doctor: The result says you are not pregnant, it’s just a fever, we will give you the drugs which you will be using…
I was so happy like just go to hell, I vowed in my mind no to ever f–k again in my life..oh boy this call for celebrations,
Christine went out with the doctor to get the drugs and I remain seated still praising my lord.

My phone rang, It was “Dorothy”. Weytin do this girl now… I picked it.
Dorothy: Hello Jason, there is trouble oo
Me: Trouble? Where?
Dorothy: I went to the doctor, yesterday, I was diagnosed and the result says I am pregnant.

Me: Then why are you telling me?
Dorothy: You are the one to ever have sex with me…
Me: What???… Yeeeeh **nearly shouted**
Dorothy: We have to meet
Me: Where?
Dorothy: My house of course, my dad and my mum won’t be home tomorrow.

Me: okay *hang up*
I felt like just killing myself, I escaped from one trouble to enter a greater one… I’m surely dead. | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 15

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 15

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