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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 14

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 14 | Eva: You wanna tell me you and that stupid friend of yours Val doesn’t eat in Julia’s fruit? *shouted*
Me: What is she saying? Is this your first time of drinking beer? You so much high..**all students laugh out loud**
She planned to give me slap which I evade and her hand hit the Maths set Divider placed on the table. Her hand started bleeding, all students started blaming me….she fainted after losing so much blood and was rushed to the hospital. I knew am dead, the principal sent for me immediately. I got there and already saw Val knelt down with his hands raised and his eyes closed… Principal: What did you two do to my daughter?

Me: we did nothing ma, she hurt her hand while trying to slap m…..(Two slaps landed on my cheek)

Principal: stop lying and tell me the truth.
Me: You can ask my classmates…
She sent for them all.
Principal: Does she really hurt her hand while trying to slap him? **pointing her finger at me**
All: Yes ma
Principal: You can all go **except I and Val**
Me: You see I wasn’t lying…
Principal: Val you can go…
Me: What about me?

Principal: I have something to discuss with you
Me? Principal?..not thinking of expelling me right?
Me: Okay ma

Principal: I knew it wasn’t right but I have to tell you this, Jason can you please tell Eva you love her?
Me: What?
Principal: She has threatened to kill herself if she caught you with another girl, if you tell her you love her, her mind will be at peace even if you don’t mean it, just help me, she is having no father and she is my only daughter I can’t lose her… She always talks about you and always thinking about you, please my dear…
Me: That will be very difficult ma’am.
Principal: Please my son,**about to kneel**
Me: Its okay ma, I’ll tell her, don’t worry ma’am…

Me and christine talk in the break time, have fun together though I didn’t tell her about Eva… Oh, Corper Zina is not in school today, I’ll have to visit her tomorrow. Eva finally returns with plasters all over her hand…

I placed a note under her desk telling her to wait for me after closing time in the class… After the day lesson, its only me and Eva in the class now
Me: I thought you won’t wait
Eva: Say whatever you want to say
Me: Did you know why I always act like this around you?…

Eva: How should I know that? **hissed and carry her back-pack to leave**

Me: Because I love you
She turned back, her back-pack fell from her hand, she looked at me with great surprise..I move closer to her, held her hand and hugged her when I leave the class…I saw principal outside, she winked at me and gave me a thumbs up…
Val: Weytin you dey do before?
Me: You dey wait for me?
Val: Sure now let’s go joor
On our way….
Val: Did you believe me girls player have fallen in love? **with a very serious face**
Me: With who
Val: Eva, I really love her and am scared of asking her out..
Me: You? Scared?
Val: very surprising…..

What’s all this that’s happening, my best friend loves the girl wey wan die on top my matter, what should I do????…d–n it. | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 14

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 14

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