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Meet Carlos Henrique Raposo The Brazalian Player Who Signed for 10 Clubs For Over 26 Years But Never Kicked A Ball

A film portraying the life and times of football’s greatest fraudster Carlos Henrique Raposo popularly known as ‘Carlos Kaiser’ Carlos the Kaiser is finally here.

According to UK Daily Mail report citing The Mirror, the Brazilian was known more as ‘Carlos Kaiser’ due to his self-professed similarity to Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer after enlisting with top sides in South America, the US as well as Europe.

Surprisingly, ‘Carlos Kaiser’ failed to mark a single appearance, netting no goals as well as providing zero assists in his 26-year career as a ‘footballer’.

In the new documentary titled, ‘Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer to Never Play Football’ revealed the hilarious moves employed by Raposo, now 55, to keep himself away from playing football.

At first, his primary motive was to pen a deal with a club and then gets injured during his first session with the team.

As a result of the injury, he would then be ruled out of action for several weeks or months and when eggheads of the club get tried about him, he simply moved on to another club.

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At the last count, Raposo was successful in tricking top Brazilian clubs that Flamengo, Botafogo, Bangu, Fluminense and Vasco da Gama in addition to French team Gazélec Ajaccio and El Paso Sixshooters in Texas.

Moreover, Carlos Kaiser was very good at fooling celebrities who are mostly Brazilian superstar footballers like Romario, Carlos Alberto, Bebeto and Zico as well as misinform journalists in a skill full manner.

At times, he usually sends reporters video footages while scoring goals, but in the real sense the goals were actually netted by some other persons that shares close resemblance and he pressurizes them to express great praise in the reports about him.

Furthermore, when the club owner of a team he had fooled into offering him a contract was present during a session, he would tip the fans to always cheer his name.

At a point, Raposo had to splash the cash on youth team players to hack him down during training to enable him to continue to conceal his lack of talent.

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In one particular match, after he was informed that he will be coming off the bench for Bangu as his side were losing 2-0, Carlos Kaiser jumped onto a fence and shouted abuse at booing supporters. Immediately, the referee flashed him a red card and so he skipped being exposed for the umpteenth time.

In four other instances, Raposo claimed he could not play following the demise of his grandmother.

In the book about Raposo authored by Rob Smyth which was released alongside the documentary, authentic Brazilian star Bebeto revealed how his then-friend manipulated everyone to believe him.

“His chat was so good that if you let him open his mouth, that would be it,’ Bebeto said.

“He’d charm you. You couldn’t avoid it. That would be it.”

‘The Kaiser’ as some of his fans prefer to call him was a favorite among the womenfolk and he proudly tells anyone that cares to listen that he has bedded over a thousand of them.

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However, some of his supporters now see him as a wicked man, but he prefers to look like a ‘victim’.

In a chat with The Mirror, he opined: “I always thought I’d been adopted, but I found out from my cousin that my adoptive mother, Lina, had stolen me from my mother when I was seven days old.

“My real mother thinks I’m dead. Lina was a cruel person who, when I was 10, put me into a football school and forced me to play to make her rich. But from that moment on, I hated football.

“I did everything I could to not play, from the age of 10 until the day I never had to play again. Psychologists have told me that’s the reason I did what I did. I was never a bad person. I consider myself a survivor.”

Today, Carlos Kaiser trains women in bodybuilding and resides in Rio de Janeiro but was quick to regrets his past fraud life as he believes things could have been a ‘great footballer’ if only he employed the same effort he used in scamming clubs towards perfecting his game.

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