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Woman Stoned to Death For Marrying Eleven Men

Polyandry and polygamy are the types of marriages for women and men respectively. | Woman Stoned to Death For Marrying Eleven Men

Whiles polygamy is widely practiced around the world, polyandry is prohibited by certain communities and religions.

Shukri Abdullahi Warsame was found guilty of polyandry by a court controlled by Somalia’s Military Group, Al Shabab. She was sentenced to death by stoning.

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Mohamed Abu Usama, al-Shabab’s governor for the Lower Shabelle region, told Reuters: “Shukri Abdullahi and nine husbands, including her legal husband, were brought at the court, each saying she was his wife.”

The Al Shabab court was convinced that Shukri was still married to ten other men including the now widower.

Acording to reports, she did that without divorce in all previous marriages one at a time until the eleventh husband.

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In the lower region of Shabelle, Shukri was buried neck-deep in the ground a town known as Sablale per the courts ruling. Al Shabab fighters then threw stones at he until she could take it no more.

The case of Shukri is not the first of it’s kind. In the year 2004, the Al Shabab Military group by reports stoned a woman to death after finding her guilty of marrying four husband in the southern coastal district of Barawe.

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