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Wiyaala Gets Featured on BBC’s African Women We Celebrated 2018

Wiyaala Gets Featured on BBC’s African Women We Celebrated List | It hasn’t been an easy journey for Noella Wiyaala’s music career as she wasn’t given the platform as they gave the other musicians.

Wiyaala said in one instance, she was advice to change her style and type of music is she wants to be welcomed to their arena. Since she knew where she was heading towards and what her career will bloom to become one day, she wouldn’t blink an eye to that idea.

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Today, Wiyaala has played gigs all around the world leaving her audience always wanting for more. Her brand is so solidified and recognised around the world that she is now seen as a role model to the younger ones.

It’s really amazing to see Wiyaala on this honourable list just that it didn’t come as a shocker. It was well deserved as she has already proved she’s the Lioness of Africa.

The Lioness was listed amongst other trailblazers such as Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American to be elected to the US Congress, Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopia’s first female president, South African wrestler Cindi Gold, Somalian boxer Ramla Ali, FGM warrior Agnes Pareiyo and others.

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Apart from playing several gigs that attracted sea-sand audience, she was also acknoledged and interviewed on Sky News, one of China’s most popular TV station. She toured Europe whiles advocating for women to love themselves and their natural skin.

She finally ended the year with the Djimba Music Festival which was held in Funsi her hometown.

To give back to the society, Wiyaala and award-winning spoken word artist Pobee Mwintombo inaugrated “The Stage” in Wa at First and Last Gardens.

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