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We Didn’t Know Who Yaa Pono Was – Windsor Castle Lodge‏

We Didn’t Know Who Yaa Pono Was – Windsor Castle Lodge‏ | After Yaa Pono (@Ponobiom) shared photos of himself at the freemason temple with caption:

“FREE TO BUILD…… #FOCUS #WORK #MASONIC #TEMPLE ,,,upness…..GM .. #England🇬🇧”

An infamous entertainment blog, Celebrities Buzz shared the story on Twitter and a Twitter handle, belonging to the Free Mason replied that they didn’t know Yaa Pono until they saw this story on him.

This clearly proves he visited the freemason temple but they didn’t know his identity until he tweeted about it and blogs picked it up.

They made it clear that now they know he has enjoyed his visit to their Temple, then, it’s time for them to start enjoying his music.

We didn’t know who Yaa Pono was until we saw this tweet. But if he enjoyed visiting  then it’s time we enjoyed his music!  , the tweet reads.

free mason and yaa pono

The photos below are Yaa Pono (@Ponobiom) visit to the temple photographs;

Source: CelebrityBuzz.Com.Gh

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