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TRAIN.GROW.LEAD (TGL) Launches An Initiative to Promote Youth Development

Train.Grow.Lead, a non-profit and non-governmental organization launched an initiative aimed at empowering the youth, to equip them with values and transferable skills that will prepare them for the future through basketball. | TRAIN.GROW.LEAD (TGL) Launches Initiative to Promote Youth Development

The event saw the gathering of youth from across the country  at the TGL Home Court Behind Lincoln Community school-Abelempke, where they use their skills and passion for basketball to advance the course of the organization.

Basketball is an aside event aimed at getting the youth together to identify their various talents and interests.

TRAIN.GROW.LEAD (TGL) Launches An Initiative to Promote Youth Development

TRAIN.GROW.LEAD then uses the collective passion of basketball to provide a platform for them to train in their respective fields of interest, Grow by learning how to work hard/smart and be empowered to Lead by giving back to society.

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For players between the ages of 12-18 years, the organization provides free basketball training 3 times a week after which the opportunities to train is given.

Areas of interest as far as training is concerned to include Human resource management, finance, and many other skills.

TRAIN.GROW.LEAD (TGL) Launches An Initiative to Promote Youth Development

In addition to providing a training platform for the youth, TRAIN.GROW.LEAD in partnership with Nasm-Afrique work to promote mental health awareness and works to reduce stigmatization in Ghana.

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Albert Donkor who is the Coach and Trainer at TRAIN.GROW.LEAD confirmed that too much talent has been seen unutilized and there is little or no opportunity and guidance to help children and the youth develop hence TRAIN.GROW.LEAD has come to fill this gap.

He encouraged the youth to take advantage of this opportunity to arm themselves with workable skills going into the future.

TRAIN.GROW.LEAD (TGL) Launches An Initiative to Promote Youth Development

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