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ACILA Trains 540 Bloggers, Editors & Journalists

The Africa Center for International Law and Accountability (ACILA) has taken bloggers, journalists, and social media influencers in all the 10 regions in Ghana through a 2-days capacity building program.

ACILA Trains 540 Bloggers, Editors & Journalists

The participants were trained about International Human Rights, Transparency and Accountability. Also, they were taught how to carry out an investigative journalism activity without infringing upon anybody’s rights as human.

Mr. Nyarko and his team also advised participant to use social media to solve social issues, educate the general public and share ideas that will change the society.

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These capacity building programs were organized at different locations and dates.

The most recent ones took place at Royal Lamerta Hotel, 
Kumasi on 23rd and 24th of November,2018 trained a batch of 30 social media influencers and bloggers in the Northern Sector.

Human Rights lawyers, judges as well as experienced media practitioners led various sessions of the training and panel discussions on the various subjects.

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The theme for the training was “Ghana’s Obligations under Domestic and International Human Rights Law”

The Executive Director of ACILA, Mr. William Nyarko revealed that ACILA  is out to help make blogging/journalism relevant to the public.

He advised the participants to arm themselves with the constitution and other related laws that are required to hold duty bearers accountable and remain relevant agents of development.

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He explained the various opportunities his outfit provides to enhance media work including grants for investigative works.

All Participants (editors, journalists,bloggers, and social media influencers) were awarded certificates at the end of the two-day capacity building program.

ACILA Trains 540 Bloggers, Editors & Journalists

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