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2 Doctors – A Ghanaian & Another Saves A Woman’s Life Onboard KLM Flight


2 Doctors – A Ghanaian and Another Saves Life of  A Woman Onboard KLM Flight | The issue of who actually saves lives have been argued by several institutions, school of thoughts and scholars. Whiles one school of thought believes it’s God, other schools of thoughts do not agree and choose the doctor.

Today, we are not here to argue about who actually saves lives but to talk about an experience of an air flight passenger on KLM Flight to Accra last Saturday.

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Two doctors, including one Ghanaian medical doctor at the Police Hospital, saved the life of a Ghanaian passenger who was seriously ill on board a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Accra on Saturday.

The passenger, a lady, suffered from severe abdominal pains from the food she might have eaten at home and collapsed on board the flight.

The Ghanaian doctor, Chief Superintendent Dr. Samuel Ofori along with German doctor, Prof. Manfred Spitznas worked together on board the flight to save the life of the passenger.

The flight, KL 0589, had been delayed for nearly two hours at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, due in part to inclement weather in Amsterdam and bleeding from another passenger before take off.

A Ghanaian & Another Saves A Woman’s Life Onboard KLM Flight

By the time the passenger who was suffering from bleeding was taken care of and the weather cleared up, passengers had been grounded for nearly three hours on the tarmac.

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The Executive Director of the Africa Center for International Law and Accountability (ACILA), William Nyarko, who was on board the flight said it was the most stressful and eventful fligh he had been on but commended the two doctors for saving the life of his fellow Ghanaian passenger, adding once a life was saved all our discomfort paled into insignificance.

He also commended the captain of the flight Mr. Marcel Veusteeof and Ms.Ann Boumal, the chef (leader of the cabin crew) for the professional manner they handled all the situations.

A Ghanaian & Another Saves A Woman’s Life Onboard KLM Flight

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