"I Nearly Killed My Housekeeper Who Inserted His Manhood inside a 3years Old Girl" - Kennedy Agyapong

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has finally added his voice to the discussion on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education topic. I nearly killed my housekeeper when he inserted his manhood in a 3 years old girl - Kennedy Agyapong.

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Since the Comprehensive Sexuality Education was announced to be added to the curriculum used by Ghanaian schools, many people have voiced out their concern about it. Most religious leaders are against it and some politicians have also talked about it.

Discussions on the potential introduction of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in basic schools dominated traditional media and social media discussions a couple of weeks ago.

Strangely Kennedy Agyapong who is fond of talking about every hot topic remained silent on this issue on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education.
Speaking on the issue for the first time, the Assin Central legislator said it’s about time Sexuality education is brought to basic schools to educate our children.

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He expressed his disgust on the level of hypocrisy people are showing though he’d rather only children of age are not because kindergarten people wouldn’t even understand when you teach them.

“I only have a small problem with the level they want to start. You can’t teach kindergarten pupils these things because they won’t understand but it is very important to inform those who have come of age”

The firebrand politician then revealed how he nearly killed his houseboy for inserting his pɛnis in the mouth of a 3-year kid. According to Kennedy, he made sure to follow the case in court to its logical conclusion. He used this to back his argument for the introduction of CSE.

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