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There Are Great Talents in Northern Ghana – Dora Mwinteroo, Producer of Upcoming Movie – “My Maternal Pain”


Dora Mwinteroo is a creative poet who believes there is actually more talents in the northern part of her country, Ghana, than has been discovered. She believes there are a lot of factors that hide these undiscovered talents from the pubic domain.

According to her, many people are discouraged even before they’ll start exhibiting what talents they have by blessed with by the creator. Dora believes this makes most of these talented youth to be in self-doubt which affects their ability to try or give out the best in them. This ends up killing the talents they were nurturing or trying to exhibit.

Dora Mwinteroo

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In as much as we have talents elsewhere, I believe there are great talents in the northern part of the country and Upper West Region is not left out. It will interest you to know that what we have here will amaze you.
Since the start of movie making in the region, the interest and support from viewers have been great but more support will surely not be a crime.

Dora Mwinteroo

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There Are Great Talents in Northern Ghana - Dora Mwinteroo, Producer of Upcoming Movie - "My Maternal Pain"
There Are Great Talents in Northern Ghana – Dora Mwinteroo, Producer of Upcoming Movie – “My Maternal Pain”

According to Dora, her next big project to hit your screens soon is a movie captioned My Maternal Pain“. “This is not just a project to entertain or exhibit talents, it is a sensitive yet educative maternal health movie project centered on unearthing some domestic and untold stories which are possible causes of maternal mortalities, which the public may not have noticed or better still pay less attention to”, says the producer.

The story “My Maternal Pain” is written and produced by Dora Mwinteroo, the poet. She is known for her brilliant, heart touching poems and expression of literature including “Maa’ma“, “Wear Ghana“, “Letter to Democracy” and many others which targets at addressing certain social issues.

She looks so confident and seems to have more in her than we know or see According to her, her upcoming project will reveal to you and me more about this young hardworking and talented woman.

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The cast of this great and educative maternal health movie includes OJ-Zakiyu – an outstanding character, Mashood Hilla (CEO of GHOnline), Ruby Nuo (GMB 2018), Edna Aninga (AzuCollection), Poet Mwinteroo, Dj Chelsea, MC Alaska, Florence Kpan, Adeline Kunveng and many more you will love to see in action.

“My Maternal Pain”, in other words “My Maternal Agony” because the problem at hand is tragic than we hear in stories, is a movie everyone should support and look out for because we all came into existence through childbirth and no one should lose a life giving life, this is the more reason this topic on maternal health should be of great concern to everyone.

To support this important ongoing project,
Kindly reach out to Dora Mwinteroo on 0506282660/0544958310
Email: [email protected]

You can also follow the Facebook page
Personal Page – Dora Mwinteroo
Official Page – TEROO’S WORD

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