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My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 1

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 1 | I was not that happy when I was forced to leave with my church pastor’s and his family. My pastor name is Donald and he has lost his wife. He is quite rich, he had one son and two daughters. The son was his firstborn and about 26yrs in age, his name is marked. His second born Christine, oh Christine was my senior.

She is 18yrs of age that looks like 26 with her huge boobs and big backyard. His third-born, Hannah in 17yrs of age with very large backyard even more than Christine, she is my classmate. They are both very fair in complexion. Oh me, my name is Jason, same age with christine,am a bit tall with wiz khalifa body, being the second and the last born. My father was the richest man in my area and my mother is a business woman.


“Jason, Jason, Jason” my father shouted from the downstairs angrily. “What’s wrong with this man gan sef” I murmured angrily. I quickly wear my knicker and ran downstairs. To my surprise, my father was holding his belt, his eyes were red, I knew am dead. My mother knelt down and was crying profusely.

My dad: Jason I heard you slapped your school principal’s daughter, true? *raising up the belt*
Me: T…ru..e*stammering*
He moved closer to me and said: “hope you have a genuine reason?”. Oh God, I can’t tell him Eva(my principal daughter) try to kiss me, though it was a mistake I slapped her.

My dad: Can’t you answer?
Me: It was a mistake.
My mum: You heard him. He mistakenly slapped her
My dad: Shut up this woman, you want to spoil his life?. Sleeping with Dorothy my friend’s daughter was also a mistake(oh that, she s£duced me). Beating up his classmate outside the school is also a mistake(Julia said I had small d–k). Be fully prepared, you will be living with pastor Donald from tomorrow henceforth. Maybe you will learn your lesson then.

He angrily dropped the belt and went to his room. Mama had this look “that’s okay by me”.

I went back inside, unclad myself, I stare at my long big d–k “you implicated me” I said softly. I went into the bathroom and have my bath. I put on my uniform, collected my pocket money from mama, not after a lot of advice, which I just pretended to hear and I went straight to school. One thing about my father, he hates the spoilt kid, that’s why he never allow me near all his cars, I love trekking and its fun.

Oh, I was an SS2 student, in the same class with hannah, christine was in sss3 and also the senior girl. I was very handsome, fair but not too much in complexion with my killing pink lips. I got to school to see many students outside the gate all knelt down,I knew am late and it was my dad’s fault.

I walked nearer and I also knelt down, I raise my head to see Eva and Julia(Julia, the one that says I had a small d–k). Eva was very beautiful and a gentle type, she had medium boobs and a-s and was very fair in complexion while Julia is choco in complexion and had this huge a-s I’ve never seen though small boobs.

Eva: *finally speak* why are you late? *referring to me*

Me: I woke up late. And you what are you two doing here, are you the prefect?
Julia: Oh that, the senior girl put us here
Christine(senior girl): Hey Jason, why are you late and why don’t you come to church yesterday?
Me: I was very sick yesterday*lied* that’s why I woke up late today
Christine: You may enter
Eva and Julia looked at Christine. “What?” Christine asked them
“Nothing” they both replied. I heard the rest student murmuring but who cares? Mtcheeeew, I entered smiling. | My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 1

My Life In My Pastor’s House Season 1 Episode 1

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