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95 Percent of Underground Artistes Don’t Have A Biography – CEO of GhEvent.Com

CEO of GHEvent.Com, Xbills Walker Gh Writes:

Music is one of the best business to venture in, but then, you need to know what to do more to keep your career moving as a musician, firstly, youth’s who what to become musicians need to consider that, when entering into any business in our daily life, we needed to consider a lot of factors, that is; to keep a business moving you have to first think of a capital and also a location.

If your business is music, you have to get a location as an artist, mostly where you live and culture, then the rest lies in good branding and strategies to adapt, to win the souls from your community and other parts of the country.

It is rather unfortunate a lot of Ghanaian youth who are into music don’t have a biography, which is very sad.  Selling your music brand is not all about recording a track and promoting it, but rather you need to get to get the basis when selling your brand.

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Day in and day out artistes keep on releasing new tracks, but they don’t even alert their fans about their new songs and what the song means that is, missing the step of writing strong article publication about what inspired him or her to write such music.

Also what music is about is, branding; which is very important as a musician you would have to look special from a colleague artist, and that will strongly give you a full package of your Music.

Ghanaian bloggers are strongly there because of you, make good friends with them, and tell them your music brand for you all to sell the brand together since a carrier will give you billions of money.

Don’t record a new track before chatting a blogger or promoter your tune, but rather create harmony place for your business discussions with him or her. Let them makes stories about you and also put in more diaries, activities you do as an artist for diary news feeds to keep your name active to your fans and the communities.

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Music is very broad and you can put more efforts for fans out there and the community to benefit from you and your brand you have. Bloggers can’t be bloggers with you and you need to create a strong link with them every day, and also value the works of bloggers because for your music career to trend worldwide then that is the pivot for you.

Building a great brand as a musician, you would need to work with special people who can push your brand far, but don’t just sell your music to any new face you come across as a musician when it comes to promoting them, create strong links with those you have on board and share ideas with them, so that you can best sell the brand out together.

Mostly Ghanaian young upcoming artistes just follow his or her mentor blindly on his or her brand in his putting in, but rather they should also plan of his or own way style to break through.

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Lack of Good Planning, which is why most of the Ghanaian underground artistes who are supposed to be mainstream acts are still underground, as a young and upcoming artist just believe in yourself and also get a good team behind you that can help you in your online promotional works.

And lastly get a very nice profile about yourself and what you want to achieve as a musician and work towards that, work hard and smart and you will surely get there soon.

Written by XBills Walker Gh | Chief Blogger – GhEvent.Com

Source: GhEvent.Com

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