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Gangaa Written Updates Episode 2 (March 3, 2015)

We bring to you Gangaa Written Updates Episode 2 as promised earlier. We hope you would enjoy this episode just like the previous one…

Gangaa Written Updates Episode 2 (3rd March 2015) Written Update by

Gangaa finds her father buying bangles and stops to see him thus. People suddenly start running helter-skelter. Gangaa notices it all in shock as people fall in the process. Gangaa calls out for her father. A random guy picks her up. Gangaa’s father is unable to find her or her in-laws anywhere. Many people get trampled as people run around to find a safe place or to exit from the Ghaat. Gangaa is lying on one of the stairs of the Ghaat and she is shouting for her Bappa (father). Police try to control the situation but it looks a little tough for them too.

Gangaa gets up after a while when it is all calm. She notices a lot many people (mostly dead) lying around. Their family members are crying sitting next to them. Gangaa walks around and finally finds her Bappa. His hands are full and his head has been injured too. She shakes him to wake him up but in vain. Her Father-In-Law calls out to her. Your Bappa won’t say anything to you now. Plus your husband too died. This year Gangaa Maiyya (river) took my everything from me. He cries. Gangaa tries every possible way to wake up her father. She holds his head and her hands get smeared with his blood. She looks at her hands in shock.

She recalls the last Holi when she had put colour on him. He too had picked up colours but then stops seeing her. You are already coloured in so many shades. There is no blank space left on your face. She shows him her bare hands. There is no colour here so you can put them here. He makes a circle shape around her wrist (bangles of different colours). She too asks for bangles of all colours, just like her Maiyya used to wear it. He promises to bring lots of colourful real bangles for her on her Gauna. Gangaa excitedly goes to tell it to her friends.

Gangaa’s Father-In-Law cries for his son. What will I tell to your Amma? I had gone to bring our Daughter-In-Law and lost our son. it should have been me instead. Gangaa carefully keeps her father’s head back on the stair and goes to her Father-In-Law. Why isn’t my Bappa waking up? Her Father-In-Law tells her that everything is over now. I was so happy when we came for the Gauna but we will have nothing but dead bodies to carry back home. You have got hurt doubly. You lost your father and became an orphan, and then you lost your husband too which makes you a widow.

Police Inspector comes there with ward boys and stretcher to pick up the dead bodies lying around. They pick up Gangaa’s Bappa. Gangaa runs to them. where are you taking my Bappa? Inspector replies that he will return the dead body to the family once the counting is done. Gangaa retorts that it isn’t a dead body but her Bappa. She cries for her Bappa while he is taken away by the police. Her Father-In-Law tries to make her understand all along. Your tears cannot bring your father back. Her Father-In-Law has a hard time controlling her as she runs after her father’s body while he is taken away.

At the medical camp, men and women are told to stand on the opposite sides. Gangaa clings onto her Father-In-Law. He ultimately has to take her with him. they are standing in the line of getting compensation for their dead ones. They notice a lady all shocked and acting like a mad person. She has lost her entire family in the stampede. Gangaa’s father frees himself from Gangaa’s grip and walks out of the line. Gangaa follows him but he tells her to go and sit. I will be back in a while. He goes away then. The poor little girl sits down next to a family, looking all scared.

Gangaa’s Father-In-Law walks hides behind a truck and cries his heart out. a guy (from the organizing committee) notices Gangaa all alone. He wonders aloud if anyone knows her. She immediately gets up and starts looking for her Father-In-Law in every possible corner. Gangaa runs in the lanes of Banaras.

It is night time. Gangaa comes to the Ghaat and witnesses the aarti. She finds broken bangles on the ground and recalls the whole incident again. She looks at the crowd keenly and notices her Bappa standing amongst them. She finally smiles. He too gestures her to come to him. She runs up to that spot but her Bappa is not there. She calls out for him and slips in the process while she is looking around. She is about to fall when someone holds her hand.

Two more people (a doc and another guy – Raghav) come there and they tell Gangaa to walk carefully. It is good that Niranjan Babu got hold of you or you would have slipped in the water. Niranjan signals them to stop. Next, he asks Gangaa if she is looking for someone. Have you lost someone? She nods; my Bappa. He says that her Bappa might be in some camp. We will go and look for him right away. But Gangaa’s words surprise him. My Bappa is dead. He asks her if there is someone else with her. She tells him about her Father-In-Law. He thinks that her husband’s age would be equal to her age only. She yet again shocks him by saying that her husband is dead too. Niranjan tells Raghav to take the girl to the registration office as her Father-In-Law must be looking for her. Raghav suggests him not to get involved in all this but Niranjan stays put. I will only return after making this girl meet her Father-In-Law only. Raghav ji nods reluctantly. Niranjan assures Gangaa that she will meet her Father-In-Law. Gangaa leaves with Raghav ji.

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Raghav ji brings Gangaa to the medical camp. He explains the guy in charge about Gangaa’s situation. He asks her questions about her family. They check the register. Gangaa hears her Father-In-Law’s voice. He is at the other desk. He tells the person in charge about Gangaa’s father’s death (the name and details) and of his son’s death too. he lies that his Daughter-In-Law (Gangaa) died too. Gangaa was walking towards him but stops in her tracks in shock. Her Father-In-Law asks the in-charge for his son’s dead body. Raghav ji notices Gangaa standing tensed. He asks her if she knows anyone out of the people standing at the other desk. Gangaa’s Father-In-Law is stunned to see her. Gangaa finally shakes her head in negative. Her Father-In-Law leaves from there hastily.

Doc is thanking Niranjan for it is because of him only that they could handle such a situation. Raghav ji returns with Gangaa. She is weird. She went there and said that her Father-In-Law is dead too. Niranjan is surprised. She looks scared. She lost everyone. It won’t be good to leave her alone there. He is not in a mood to let her stay there all by herself. Raghav ji and the doc advise him not to get involved in any of this. Hand her over to an orphanage. Niranjan agrees. Raghav ji addresses Gangaa, as ladki (girl) which irks her. why are you calling me that ways? My name is Gangaa. Take it properly and then I will come with you. Niranjan smiles and supports her. It won’t be wrong if add sweetness to our words. He tells Gangaa to go. Orphanage people will take good care of you and you will be safe there. Raghav ji finally talks somewhat nice to her. She leaves only when Niranjan nods back at her assuringly.

[End of Gangaa Written Updates Episode 2]

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