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Gangaa Written Updates Episode 1 (March 2, 2015)

Gangaa Written Updates Episode 1 by MuzikHyte.Com

Chandrapur, Varanasi:
Some kids run excitedly to fly kites. A girl eyes a kite which is stuck on the top of a tree. Her forehead is filled with vermilion. She tries to free her kite but gets hurt in the process. She tells her father that she was checking whether the manja is really good or not. the seller is a thug. Gave me a kite for Rs. 10. Don’t give him any money if I lose in the competition. Her father (Varun Shukla) smiles. Winning or losing isn’t determined by kite but the one who flies the kite is more important than the kite even. it is all a game of how much you pull/lose the kite and when. He makes her kite ready. She runs off to be with her friends. Her father is concerned but she runs away happily.

Kite competition: Her friends have been waiting for her. They praise her for her skills.
Sarpanch’s son Munakka comes there with a big kite. I have called this from Banaras. It is made in China. No one will be able to cut my kite today. Gangaa’s friends warn her to be careful. Sarpanch announces a special gift – cycle, for the winner. Gangaa looks at the cycle happily. all her friends are happy too. the one who will win this competition will be really lucky. One of her friends says I will ask my father to bring a similar cycle for me. Gangaa remarks that her father cannot buy it for her as he doesn’t have that much money. But I want this cycle Rani. I will win this competition. Her friends point at Munakka’s big branded kite. Gangaa repeats her father’s words. Her father nods at her proudly.

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The competition begins. Gangaa and Munakka are the only ones in the end. Gangaa eventually succeeds in cutting Munakka’s kite. She wins the competition. Her father hugs her proudly and makes her twirl. Gangaa looks at the cycle and imagines herself riding it, with all her friends following her excitedly. Her father brings ice cream for her but she has her eyes set on the ice cream only.

Munakka is announced the winner. Gangaa drops her ice cream in shock. Her father too is taken aback. Only one or two people clap all the while. Munakka wears his goggles and drives off in his new bicycle. Sarpanch announces a gift of Rs. 1000 for Gangaa as she too has played well. People prod her to go and collect it but she stays put. She finally heads to the stage. Her father stops her from taking money from Sarpanch. She had won cycle not money. You have a big heart that you want to do a favour on a poor man’s daughter. But this poor man’s daughter only needs her right and not a favour. Can you get her right? People on the staged protest but Gangaa’s father politely tell them to let it be if they cannot respect a poor man’s daughter. Don’t insult them by giving her at least. Gangaa leaves with her father.

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At night, Shukla packs a bag. He is quite emotional as it is Gangaa’s Gauna tomorrow. My daughter will go to her in-laws place now. the traditions of the world are very weird. My little daughter will have her Gauna in such a young age. He wipes his tears and then guides Gangaa to be good with her in-laws. Gangaa asks him why he dint let her take the prize. I had won but didn’t get anything. He sweetly explains to her how she would have lost even after winning the game if she had taken the prize. A poor man’s wealth is his self-respect. A gift is of no use in the absence of self-respect. She yet again asks for her cycle.

He takes her with him and shows her the moon’s reflection in the water. She is amazed to see it. The entire moon has come down in the water. Her father tells her to try and catch it. She tries but is unable to do so. It slips from the corners. This isn’t a real moon but just the reflection. He shows her the real moon up in the sky. It is just an illusion in the water, which seems real to us, but it isn’t the truth. Similarly, the cycle, the competition is nothing but an illusion. You real triumph will be when you will hold the real moon in your hands; and win something bigger than even a cycle. She asks him if it will happen for real. He nods. Whatever you will try with all your heart, will happen for sure. If you dint get the cycle even after winning it then it indicates that a bigger victory is waiting for you in future. Gangaa smiles finally. I will get even a bigger cycle. He holds her one hand (right palm) first and calls it her self-respect. The other hand (left palm) is your strength. When they will come together then they can get hold of the entire sky, including the moon and the stars. She talks about the cycle again. He advises her never to lose her self-respect.

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The next day, the neighbouring women and friends ready Gangaa for her Gauna. Vidai song plays in the background. Gangaa’s father is in tears. Gangaa shows him her jewellery. Her father gifts her a wooden cycle (toy). He then tells her to sit in the jeep. She requests him to come with her but he denies. you will go alone to your in-laws place just like your friends had gone to. Gangaa insists and ends up crying. She refuses to leave without her father. He consoles her. he tells the groom’s father that Gangaa’s mother died when Gangaa was a mere 3 years old. She hasn’t lived without me since then. This is why she is a little scared. I wonder how she will be able to live without me. The groom’s father asks him to accompany them. Gangaa gets happy. She asks her father numerous questions about Banaras. Title song plays as they all leave for Banaras. Gangaa and her father look around thrilled.

They reach Gangaa ghat. Gangaa has not even seen her groom. Will he be like Munakka? Will he tease or trouble me too? Gauri Ma has heard my prayers. I had wanted a tall groom only so that he could get Imli from me from the trees. Her Father-In-Law offers her jalebi. She feels hesitant. Why is he calling me Bahu (Daughter-In-Law)? My name is Gangaa. Gangaa confirms it with her father. Gangaa doesn’t like being called Bahu. She notices the boat. I want a ride too. Her father tells her to take a dip in the holy water first. Gangaa’s father sends her with her father-in-law for a minute. He buys bangles for Gangaa. Gangaa finds him buying bangles and stops to see him thus.

People suddenly start running helter-skelter. Gangaa notices it all in shock. The episode ends on her face.

The Precap: Gangaa calls out for her father. A random guy picks her up. Gangaa’s father is unable to find her or her in-laws anywhere.

[ End of Gangaa 2nd March 2015 | Gangaa Written Updates Episode by MuzikHyte.Com ]

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